I think what I found most helpful was how Krista helped me really connect with my body and start to feel where I was holding emotions that I didn’t even realize I had. Almost every session, I found myself saying things I didn’t even realize I was feeling. It was raw and real and emotional but in a very cathartic way.

I think my best take away was the breathing and learning to feel and connect with my body. I had never done that before and it was very impactful for me.

I also feel I have direction and clarity that I did not have before. – Darlene

The questionnaire I received prior to working with Krista was thorough, and she has a gift for understanding and focusing on what was important in order to reach the feminine expression I wanted to achieve.  Krista’s new perspective about my situation and the tools she gave me made me feel excited and more confident to take action toward my goal of expressing my feminine essence more.  Curating my feminine expression like a work or art is something
I hadn’t thought of, and now I have tools to keep me grounded when I over-think, feel self-conscious or am scared of the attention I might receive. – Debbie

Before working with Krista I was completely disconnected from my body and feeling very wounded from a toxic relationship I finally ended that I allowed myself to stay in for 5 years. My confidence was at an all time low and my hope was delicately vulnerable yet open for transformation. Krista lovingly listened and gently brought me back to my body through breath, guided self-inquiry and positive body self talk – it was just what I needed to begin a new relationship with myself, to believe in myself again and to trust my body again.

Each session allowed me to be seen and heard in my shedding of the old skin,  releasing layers so I could replace it with a new way of being. Krista has a magical way of finding the way into the deepest part of me that needed to be heard so I may honor it and grow.

The work we did was foundational to the changes I have made in my life and I am so grateful for Krista and her guidance.  – Anonymous

To the people considering working with Krista, I’d say she’s an expert at what she does….she’s a very kind and compassionate person and wonderful at holding the space for you to be who you are. The way she holds space for you is very healing. 
– Melinda Gulick, Performer/Model

With such pristine receptivity and with an endless permission slip stamped and embedded all over her luscious being Krista is truly a magnetic divine feminine force that you must taste for yourself. From our first meeting, not only did I feel so safe to share all of me but she has the ability to hold up your mirror so you can feel and activate your core seed desires with such permission and joy. I always feel so alive, beautiful, grateful and power filled when I am with her. So grateful for this precious woman am I…
– Jimena Mosquera, Creator of Birth Yourself First

KarenMe JillJump


I wanted to deepen my relationship with myself, my body, and let go of some emotional blocks that I had from stepping into my full power, and loving and embracing myself fully. It’s very powerful and it’s been something that’s definitely going to take me forward with more power, more playfulness, more focus and more clarity creating my purpose and mission in the world.
– Shaundra Zee, Transformational Coach/Writer

I knew cognitively that I had a bad image of myself, or pretty severe compared to my judgment of others.  The Permission Sessions with Krista really helped me see that from the inside through the emotional aspect. This is huge! I am able to have a lot more care and empathy for myself now.

I’d say The Permission Retreat is a unique and authentic experience.  It will transport you to the essence of who you were, who you are and who you want to be as a woman and a being in the world. – Sabrina

After The Permission Retreat, I felt 10 years younger and 10 pounds lighter, except I’m sure neither is true!  Because I followed Krista’s guidance, I released years of hang-ups and emotional pain that were holding me down. I feel like an unstoppable woman now.

Krista will make you feel so comfortable that expressing your secret desires becomes easy.
I’d say Permission Sessions are about naming your strongest desire and uncovering the obstacle between you and the desire.  And then using personalized, powerful movement, vocalizations, breathwork and focus to exorcise them from your body, mind and soul.
– Maeve

I didn’t know what to expect from The Permission Retreat and in the end it was one of the most wonderful and transformative experiences ever.  It did require that I step into the unknown with a level of trust that was unknown to me.

I went from having a long list of things that I desire to chase and build, but not feeling as though I have a clear path forward, to feeling I have a very clear picture and clear steps forward. I also learned how my rage can be a source of my power.  Krista has a very gentle way of coaxing the work out of your body, and the release I experienced in the Permission Sessions was extraordinary. I’ve wanted to let that out for so long, but I didn’t know how or what or why.  That release was life altering.

To anyone considering The Permission Retreat, I’d say go with an open mind and heart, follow the guidance given for the movements and keep your awareness on what you’re experiencing.   – Anonymous

Every single woman in the room, by the end of the workshop, her face had just opened and relaxed. You never know what you’re projecting out in the world, but what came back to me was extremely valuable and I will always treasure it. I’m very glad that I gave myself the gift of being with other supportive women today.
– Karen Pertschuk, Jazz Singer/Public Health Nutritionist


The way that Krista really facilitated us to come together, felt like a connection I hadn’t had in a really long time. I hadn’t been in touch with that part of myself for probably 20 years. I learned alot. I learned how much I had actually not been in my body, how much I had avoided being present in my body. I also realized what it feels like to be in touch with my essence, to really feel that, and to feel how much it feels like home.
– Nina Fry Kizler, Professor of Mind Body Medicine at JFK University

This was an amazing day. From the amount of space that was held for each of us, to the sensual touch and the ability to sit in the rawness of who we are, was deeply healing. I feel held, healed and more myself.
– Melinda Gulick, Performer/Model

Permission Sessions with Krista Kujat was nothing but “magical.” Krista has a distinct way of putting you at ease, from her warm demeanor in her voice, down to her descriptive exercises. She creates a permissive environment all the while guiding you through emotionally-charged, sensual movements, leaving you only that space to face yourself and bare your truth. The personal testaments shared by the women on that day were raw and vulnerable. It was a privilege to bear witness to and be a part of a realization I had as it was unfolding. Krista truly embodies her work. She lives the “how and why” of a pleasurable life of a woman. And it is in her truth she shares with joy in her sessions with other women. Time with Krista is a gift to yourself.
– Jill, Dance Teacher

When I got to participate in The Permission Sessions, I was in awe. How Krista facilitated the exercises and the impact she made in me and the other participants is where the real transformation came. She is masterful at holding space in a delicate and loving way to ensure that each women gets more than what she came for.
– Candace Smith, Photographer 

live-talksLIVE TALKS:

My audience loved Krista Kujat’s compelling presentation! Warm-hearted and clear, she created genuine connection with the audience and between audience members. Her presentation was interactive and the energy in the room was rich and vibrant. What I loved about Krista was how she embodied what she taught, in every moment! I got such wonderful feedback from the audience after the event, I will truly be honored to have Krista speak again.
– Jessica Hadari, Founder, FEM Talks – Alliance of Women Leaders, Healers & Educators

Krista gently guided our women-only group through practices to connect with and truly inhabit our bodies. I felt energized, with the energy reaching the nooks and crannies of my body and being that had been neglected. I let go of constriction, feeling more open and free, and knowing that by using the practices Krista taught, I could return to that space whenever I wanted to. I really appreciate Krista’s unique perspective of using pleasure as a doorway to healing, self-love, and a greater capacity for intimacy with others. I felt safe and held in love during Krista’s workshop that I attended. She set a beautiful space — including candles and gorgeous red roses — for self-kindness, healing and nourishment, Coming off of a busy day, I felt so touched and grateful to walk into a space where I knew I would be cared for – by Krista, but also through opening my heart to myself with the same intensity with which I love others. 
Dawn Preisendorf, Chapter President, The WOW Talks and Functional Nutritionist & Health Coach

Krista Kujat is a fearless investigator, both of the world and her soul, and whose generosity and compassion towards others remain an inspiration to those who know her.
– Susan Josephs, Writer 

Krista Kujat spoke in Los Angeles at our Goddess On the Go event with the LA Springs. She is someone I have known for the past 3 years so I knew her talk was going to be valuable. From the moment she began her part the women could not take their eyes off of her. She taught us all some new things around sensuality that made us deepen our relationships with our bodies. Many of us were moved to tears as this was the first time we had taken time to be vulnerable and look at what we had experienced in the past. By the end of the dialogue we were left empowered and certainly wowed by Krista.
– Leora Edut, Creatrix of Goddess on the Go 


Krista Kujat has her own unique take on sexual self-realization. One of the area’s she’s been teaching – activating passion through both our light and dark internal leanings – illuminates an important path on our sensual journey. Thank you, Krista, for leading the way!
– Cynthia Spence, Executive Editor, Sensheant Magazine

Krista is a woman who has delved deep into the dark abyss with her eyes wide open, and now, emerged, seems to float among the Lily pads. She is an excellent listener and interpreter of conundrums, and she wraps you up in a blissful energy when she speaks.
– Liz Douglas

I can’t wait to hear Krista speak again! The last time I was lucky enough to be at one of her talks, I felt so empowered after listening to her tell us about her journey. I felt less alone, more optimistic about my future and deeply grateful that she took the time to develop her vision and was generous enough to share it with the world. I call her my angel because, in my process of defining myself in this world, Krista has been someone I look up to as a safe presence and a source of healing energy. When she speaks, she has the ability to pull you in with that mix of charm, humor and profound genuinity and anyone would be lucky to be in her presence and discover her vision. She has the power to engage.
Rachida Naceur

Krista was a delight to interview for the Dare to Be You Podcast. Krista shares a powerful perspective on releasing sexual taboos through the practice of listening to the intelligence of our bodies. I was so grateful to have her on a panel of health experts, representing sensual self expression as an essential part of well-being. She inspired the listeners to consider their own desires, and made them feel comfortable to raise their hands and ask questions. She’s compassionate and makes the topic of self-love through sensuality very approachable.
– Frances Cheung, Founder, Dare To Be You Podcast & Holistic Health Counselor

I interviewed Krista for the O-Actually podcast, and so appreciated her genuine open-ness and vulnerabiltiy when she shared her wisdom about personal growth through sexual self expression. I was struck by the subtle things she pointed to that many women may consider ‘normal’, which can inhibit us from feeling deserving of our desires. Krista’s perspective on healing through sensuality is powerful. One listener reported that she to the podcast 3 times!
– Kit Maloney, Founder of O’Actually Podcasts

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I have huge admiration for Krista and how she brings intelligence, wisdom, bravery and heart to her topic. Krista’s mission is to help women re-discover their sensual, sexual selves and give themselves permission to embrace pleasure. Krista finds the balance on a topic where so many well intentioned (yet apparently unseasoned) teachers seem to miss the mark.
– Joel Young, Creator of the NPA Process

Krista is the living example of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty: “To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose of life.” -Leonardo Nam, Actor

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