Do you ever doubt if you’re in the right relationship?
Do you have trouble trusting in & surrendering to your partner?
Do you ask yourself why love is so easy for everyone else?
Do you feel like you’re always running on an empty tank?
Do you feel disconnected from yourself?



When you feel that unsettling tug of doubt-about the rightness of your relationship choice, opening fully and trusting a (healthy, loving) partner, feeling depleted or disconnected from yourself – this is your body’s way of communicating that something inside of you needs to be
expressed and released.


If you’re the kind of person who likes to be in control, at your core, there’s likely some belief that either tells you that you don’t deserve what you want or that you don’t fully trust you’ll get it.


The only options, seemingly, are to disconnect from the desire completely OR do everything in your control to force it to happen.


Understandably, this causes tension in your body that then prevents you from being able to receive what you truly want.


It’s a domino cascade of lack, fear, constriction, and control (in an effort to avoid lack)…yet ironically, it keeps you from tapping into and receiving from an effortless and incredibly powerful source.?


The most potent solution to releasing these emotions and old patterns so you can feel at ease and fulfilled in love is tapping into your sexual expression.

When you harness your pleasure for greater and greater heights of ecstasy, you’re literally marrying physical and emotional completeness with spiritual fulfillment.


This results in a magnetism that draws love toward you effortlessly, and lets you relax into surrender, support, trust, pleasure, and expression in your relationships.


Whether you’re in a relationship or not, you don’t need to rely on a partner to practice leveraging the awesome power of pleasure within your sexual body.


Sexual expression is a practice that works by rooting you in your body and giving unconscious, painful emotions a supportive avenue through which they can be honored and transformed.


This course invites you to stop the cycle of control and frustration, and sit with small, palatable bites of self-care and exploration.


The catalyst of pleasure lets you etch a new affirmation, at the cellular level, to reset this deep-seated truth:



If you feel your body moving you toward a “yes”,
please feast your eyes on the 6 day, private adventure
I’ve prepared for you, where we’ll focus on:


  • Transforming unconscious blocks in your body, and becoming the
    alchemist of your own desires & sexual pleasure
  • Receiving more from your intimate relationships by giving more
    to yourself
  • A guided pleasure map to help you surrender to and trust in
    yourself and your relationships
  • Releasing discomforts that drive you to control and struggle for
    power in your relationships
  • Breaking unhealthy patterns that stop you from the love and pleasure
    you desire
  • Deepening the loving compassion you have for yourself

Don’t put your desires on hold, join now!