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The Passion Guide: Six Passion Starters to Ignite Your Love, Sex, and Relationship

In The Passion Guide, you’ll get my personally designed program for releasing blocks on the cellular level.

These were specially designed by me after spending hundreds of hours investigating and learning 17 different methods for removing pain, shame, and fear from your body.

You’ll discover six different practices that show you how to tap into the intuitive wisdom of your body and free yourself from self-sabotaging thoughts preventing you from feeling what you truly need and desire.

In The Passion Guide you’ll discover:

  • How to rid your body of negative beliefs buried deep within your cells (affirmations and positive thinking don’t work, making long-lasting change nearly impossible)
  • The key warning signs to watch out for if you want to know whether or not a relationship will last
  • When saying “no” to your partner can actually lead to greater intimacy and passion
  • How to stop saying yes when you really mean “no” (this is critical if you want to truly connect with your sensuality and experience deep pleasure)
  • The single most damaging habit most women make when searching for deeper love and more satisfying sex
  • PLUS a powerful meditation designed to activate your primal sex center and help you achieve your heart’s desires


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