1:1 VIP PERMISSION SESSIONS (TM) – One on one Mentorship:

These private sessions are tailored for personal attention towards your unique desires and needs.  I’ll lead you through connecting to the physical sensations and emotional desires that live in your body, and will guide you to ground yourself in owning and expressing your sexuality with more satisfaction, spontaneity, and pleasure, so you can unapologetically be yourself.



Here’s what’s included in your VIP Permission Sessions (TM)

  • 4 Skype sessions, each 75 minutes long. These sessions are a combination of guided self-inquiry and space to articulate experiences, feelings, and insights, which will help you to deepen in your pleasure practice.
  • Customized weekly homework assignments, including a combination of writing exercises, moving meditations, and pleasure practices.
  • 1 bonus 50-minute Skype session. This bonus session can be booked up to a month after, but no later than a month after, the 4th session.
  • 1 bonus 20-minute instruction for active meditation.
  • Support for a 21-day meditation challenge. You’re free to send me a quick email after each daily meditation, describing the experience.
  • Email support will be available during the 4 weeks of sessions. Emails will be answered within 48 hours (weekends are not included in the 48 hours). 2 email responses per week, if needed.
  • 100% confidentiality. Whatever you share during the process is supported with love & 100% confidentiality.
  • What you can expect from meguidance on your meditation process, support for building your pleasure practice, and mentorship for finding freedom in your sexual expression.

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