Permission Sessions are unique therapeutic sessions that invite you into your full potential as a human being, opening your full capacity for love and optimizing your relationships. Each session is faciliated to give permission to your voice and body’s expression in order to release and transform unconscious blocks, tension, turmoil and trauma. We work with body awareness as a guide to access greater clarity, peace, joy and resolution around any relational or personal challenge. 


Have you ever noticed that with talk therapy you can keep circling back to the same story without reaching resolution?  Verbal stories can spin into a cycle of identifying with a certain struggle or conflict, where as the body has a more clear avenue to releasing what’s held unconsciously beneath the story. We get straight to the work of releasing unconscious pain or tension that’s clouding your experience of love, vitality and freedom both in your life and relationships. 

The methods used in Permission Sessions include Somatic Experiencing (a therapeutic modality which engages body awareness to release physical and emotional tensions), Trauma Release Work, Breathwork, Primal and Sensual Movement, Systemic Work (involves relational dynamics in the past and present) and Guided Personal Inquiry. The sessions are 80% experiential with room for the client to digest, discuss and clarify how to apply their new insights to their life and relationships. Releases happen organically, once the emotional, physical and mental states of being are congruent and in focus.

I work with people who want to:

  • Gain awareness and understanding of the self-healing mechanisms of their body. 
  • Break through an issue that they may feel is insurmountable, overwhelming or continually recurring in their life.
  • Gain clarity and achieve long lasting change in their lives.
  • Move beyond limitations of talk therapy and spiritual practices.
  • Feel fulfilled with emotional and physical intimacy.
  • Gain trust and compassion for themselves and others.
  • Be supported by harmony and balance when feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, depleted or desperate.
  • Discover new ways of thinking, being and feeling.


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