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Permission Sessions are workshops for women to connect to their true feminine essence, through intuitive self expression, sensual practices and meditation.  Each woman has a safe space to express her truth and receive healing.  Sensual practices such as self-breast massage, pelvic exercises, and breathing exercises are part of the curriculum.  Permission SessionsTM are half-day or day-long workshops.


  • more peace, confidence, self-compassion & vitality
  • higher metabolism, more passion & a turned-on body
  • gain clarity with your desires & attract what you want
  • gain confidence asking for what you want and need emotionally & sexually in your intimate relationships
  • know your body and increase the range of your sensual pleasure
  • fun, celebration & unforgettable sisterhood  

What women are saying about


“This was an amazing day. From the amount of space that was held for each of us, to the sensual touch and the ability to sit in the rawness of who we are, was deeply healing.  I feel held, healed and more myself”
– Melinda Gulick, Performer/Model

“It’s very powerful and it’s been something that’s definitely going to take me forward with more power, more playfulness, more focus and more clarity in creating my purpose and mission in the world”
-Shaundra Zee, Transformational Coach/Writer

“Every single woman in the room, by the end of the workshop, her face had just opened and relaxed….. You never know what you’re projecting out in the world, but what came back to me was extremely valuable and I will always treasure it.  I’m very glad that I gave myself the gift of being with other supportive women today”.
– Karen Pertschuk, Jazz Singer/ Public Health Nutritionist

The combination of doing work to really get in touch with that essential part of myself, but then combining that with the piece of photography to really embody that, is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  The way that Krista really facilitated us to come together, felt like a connection I hadn’t had in a really long time.  I hadn’t been in touch with that part of myself for probably 20 years”.
– Nina Fry Kizler, Professor of Mind Body Medicine at JFK University

Stand By For:


I’ve recently become a certified Femme! Facilitator and am excited to bring this empowering movement to the Bay Area!  

Each Femme! experience is  a passionate fusion of dance, which moves through 7 stages that are wild, aware, vulnerable and erotic.  Femme! is inspired by African, Tribal and Free Dance interwoven with the sensual and the healing arts (


Move your body, express your truth and set your soul free!



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  1. Mercedes
    May 29, 2015 at 1:34 pm (9 years ago)

    This sounds amazing and right up my alley!!!
    Please hold a spot for me I am trying to get the money. I’ll probably need to use two credit cards.

    Mercedes (from S Factor)


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