The piercing serenade of crickets slides through one ear and out the other.

The high pitch is like dental floss passing through my brain, cleaning my thoughts.

The night is alive.

Mystery is afoot.

Drift wood, dry and decomposing, is washed up on the shore.

Dead things fester, before they can fertilize.

Flies feverishly feast.

Thunder roars through my bones, shaking my mortality to the core.

The rumble reaches me like the timbering voice of a man, or a God.

Steadfast and strong, it has the power to both provide and destroy.

I want to let it in. 

Come closer.

Penetrate me.

Blinding light slices through my dark dreams.

This precise incision shatters the storyboard of my life.

Light becomes my beacon.

Bluish grey clouds crouch in the twightlight sky.

They are all-seeing companions between light and dark.

The ocean over-turns, upheaves, hushes and soothes.

This great swelling body gives me solace.

It’s undying rhythm coaxes me towards my nature.

Breathe out. Release, release.

Breathe in. Renew, renew.

Life snakes it’s way into me.

A fierce nausea with jagged edges moves through my tender membranes.

I want it to stop.

I want to block it out.

I want to discard it with disgust.

Until I realize.

These are the parts of myself I’ve denied, disliked and disowned.

So instead, I say thank you.

Stay with me.

Let me know you better.

Heal me.

Euphoric calm spreads through my body, like a fountain taming a fire.

Pleasure dowses my heart.

Life makes love to me this way.

Again. And again.

Neither pain, nor pleasure is rushed.

Emerald green bursts through brown bark that once armored its vibrant beauty.

The old skin is too tight, too concealing, too limited.

I succumb to nature knowing me better than I know myself.

A crimson hibiscus flower lets her petals fold together, like a ballet dancer resting.

When the sun rises, she’ll be erect with perfection.

Awe cracks me open.

I want to delight this life in return.

Tell me, show me, chaperone me into loving you back.

Come, with your omnipotent prowess.

Make love to me again.

I need you.

Push yourself up against my pain.

Move me.

Dismantle my barricades.

Touch me.

Teach me your language of love.

Perform your mastery over my will.

I am yours.


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