LookingForwardAranka_0495?  by Artist Aranka Israni

A broken heart is like a broken stick.  

Broken sticks lie on the ground lifeless.

Please, dear You.

Don’t linger on being friends with broken sticks.

Don’t make ornaments or trophies out of them.

Throw them to the ocean.

Let them compost.

Make kindling out of them.

Let them burn in a fire.

That fuels rich and prolific love.

If you still love the broken stick to pieces.  

Say good bye.

Crush and bury it with hard handed love.

Let it fertilize.

Don’t leak your energy.

Don’t arrange broken sticks.

Don’t move them from place to place.

Un-friend vampires.  Delete emails.   Burn photos.  

Let the sentiment of your memories bleed.

Free your hope of wishing things were different.

Then massage, and till your soil madly, lovingly, passionately and devotedly.

Take a seat on the heated soil.

Alive with deliberate destruction.

And watch what comes to life.

© Krista Kujat

? Me by Artist Aranka Israni

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