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I’m on a mission to redefine a powerful woman as a woman who trusts her intuition, her body and her voice, to fully express her compassion and passion, resulting in positive transformation in the world.

I believe that when we heal negative thoughts and emotions through our sensuality, we achieve neurological alchemy in dissolving our deepest shames, often embedded unconsciously in our sexuality. This healing, combined with the knowledge of our desires, gives us deeper intimacy with ourselves, and in all of our relationships.

I’m eager to talk about sensuality as a vehicle to move emotions through the wiring of our nervous systems to reach higher states of freedom, love and purpose, in relationship to ourselves, our work and our partners.


What’s been said about me?

My audience loved Krista Kujat’s compelling presentation! Warm-hearted and clear, she created genuine connection with the audience and between audience members. Her presentation was interactive and the energy in the room was rich and vibrant. What I loved about Krista was how she embodied what she taught, in every moment! I got such wonderful feedback from the audience after the event, I will truly be honored to have Krista speak again.
– Jessica Hadari
Founder, FEM Talks – Alliance of Women Leaders, Healers & Educators

Krista Kujat is a fearless investigator, both of the world and her soul, and whose generosity and compassion towards others remain an inspiration to those who know her. –
– Susan Josephs

Krista Kujat spoke in Los Angeles at our Goddess On the Go event with the LA Springs. She is someone I have known for the past 3 years so I knew her talk was going to be valuable. From the moment she began her part the women could not take their eyes off of her. She taught us all some new things around sensuality that made us deepen our relationships with our bodies. Many of us were moved to tears as this was the first time we had taken time to be vulnerable and look at what we had experienced in the past.  By the end of the dialogue we were left empowered and certainly wowed by Krista.
– Leora Edut, Creatrix of Goddess on the Go 

Krista Kujat has her own unique take on sexual self-realization. One of the area’s she’s been teaching – activating passion through both our light and dark internal leanings – illuminates an important path on our sensual journey. Thank you, Krista, for leading the way!
Cynthia Spence, Executive Editor, Sensheant Magazine

Krista is a woman who has delved deep into the dark abyss with her eyes wide open, and now, emerged, seems to float among the Lily pads.  She is an excellent listener and interpreter of conundrums, and she wraps you up in a blissful energy when she speaks.
– Liz Douglas

I can’t wait to hear Krista speak again! The last time I was lucky enough to be at one of her talks, I felt so empowered after listening to her tell us about her journey. I felt less alone, more optimistic about my future and deeply grateful that she took the time to develop her vision and was generous enough to share it with the world. I call her my angel because, in my process of defining myself in this world, Krista has been someone I look up to as a safe presence and a source of healing energy. When she speaks, she has the ability to pull you in with that mix of charm, humor and profound genuinity and anyone would be lucky to be in her presence and discover her vision. She has the power to engage.
Rachida Naceur