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Photo by Josef Kandoll

I’ve just returned from the Permission Retreat in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and the powerful and profound shifts from the group have settled in.

For context, the 5 days of the retreat were rooted in Permission Sessions – my signature somatic group workshops where each participant is guided toward the unique intuitive shifts that need to be expressed through movement, voice and breath to release any part of themselves that’s been hidden, denied or shamed.

The goal is to free any stubborn hang-ups in your body that may unconsciously be an obstacle for liberated joy, confidence and pleasure on any scale. My approach is to unearth these hidden pieces from the inside out, so you can free your psyche, body and heart from any internal conflict or struggle.

Photo by Josef Kandoll.

We laughed that the hashtag for the retreat should be #kristamademedoit… and it still makes me smile. I like to think whatever is inside of you, has been aching to get out all along, and sometimes all you need is a little extra permission.

To put the top 10 take-aways from the retreat aka Top 10 Keys for Shameless Living  into perspective….each day involved guided inquiries exploring my signature process of the 6 Pillars of Knowing Yourself aka The 6 Pillars of Intimacy: Desire, Receiving, Truth, Letting Go, Trust and Love.

If you’d like to explore these themes on your own, take my Intimacy Quiz here.

Each theme was beautifully expanded with daily biodynamic breathwork facilitated by Lisa Meta Griff.

Deep continual breathing leads you to feel and explore the pleasure and pain centers in your body. This is important because both pain and pleasure are the internal barometers that lead you toward personal breakthroughs.

**The snapshot below is from our roof top breathing session under the stars…. looks cozy doesn’t it?**

Here we go…. The Top 10 Keys for Shameless Living (with #permission to share from the group):

1 – “I knew cognitively that I had a bad image of myself, or pretty severe compared to my ‘judgment’ of others. The sessions with Krista helped me see that from the inside, through the emotional aspect. It’s huge! I am able to have a lot of empathy and care for myself now.”

Key #1: [bctt tweet=”Breaking self-judgment on an emotional level, gives you auto-self-compassion.” username=”KristaKujat”]

2 – “Women are beautiful, strong, vulnerable, surprising and sweet.”

Key #2: [bctt tweet=”All we need to be reminded of who we truly are is to stop holding ourselves together. ” username=”KristaKujat”]

3 – “We opened the definition of desire to be inclusive of so many areas of life (work, passion, love) and to be less burdened. By using those desires as a starting point, it’s a direct link to increasing sensual desire.”

Key #3: [bctt tweet=”Desire is much greater than a capricious physical need… it’s a fundamental part of our need to grow and expand. ” username=”KristaKujat”]  Sensual desire is an affirmation that we’re on the right track.

4 – “I am strong enough and willing enough to move through my body issues.”

Key #4: [bctt tweet=”Willingness is the superpower for resolution.” username=”KristaKujat”]

5 – “The realization I was ready to move past body-acceptance into body-worship surprised me!”

Key #5: [bctt tweet=”Self-worship transcends self-acceptance.” username=”KristaKujat”]

6 – “It’s possible to actively cast-off old pain and anxieties and injustices.”

Key #6: Our bodies’ self-healing mechanisms release the imprints of pain which neurologically frees us from mental and emotional struggles.

[bctt tweet=”The body transcends the mind with its wisdom.” username=”KristaKujat”]

7 – “Slowing down to savor life and pleasure makes everything more fulfilling. With this in mind I’ll be less prone to jamming every moment to achieve, accomplish and reach my goals. I just want to slow down time and savor the moment.”

Key #7: The more we push, cram and jam, the more unfulfilled we feel….. only because we haven’t taken the time to slow down and be fulfilled by the moment.
[bctt tweet=”Slowing down to savor life and pleasure makes everything more fulfilling. Simple but true.” username=”KristaKujat”]

8 – “I feel 10 years younger and 10 lbs lighter, except for sure neither is true! But I released years of hang-ups and emotional pain that were holding me down. I feel like an unstoppable woman now.”

Key #8: [bctt tweet=”Freedom has everything to do with the courage to let go physically and emotionally. ” username=”KristaKujat”]

9 – “I went from having a long list of things that I want in life, that I desire to chase and build, but not feeling as if I have a clear pathway forward, to feeling like I have very clear steps regarding the overall picture.”

Key #9: [bctt tweet=”Having time to listen from the inside out makes fulfilling our desires easier and clearer.” username=”KristaKujat”]

10 – “Deep and long lasting healing isn’t a one-off endeavor and it doesn’t happen over-night. Healing transforms into liberty and liberty is preserved with constant maintenance.”

Key #10: [bctt tweet=”Practice is the fuel, the jewel and the heart of self-cultivated happiness.” username=”KristaKujat”]

I’m so honored to have been in the company of each of these women who came forth with their internal wisdom. Each woman was a beacon, illuminating the lessons she was unravelling for herself, for the benefit of everyone who sees and knows her.

My intention is buoyant as ever and my pledge is strong.

It’s my wish that every woman who experiences Permission Sessions continues to illuminate the jewels she discovered for herself. And just by nature of the way she walks, talks and breathes in her own skin, may she continue to deeply affect and inspire others with her grace, ease and presence.

I love how one participant summed it up:

“The Permission Retreat is a unique and authentic experience that will transport you to the essence of who you were, who you are and who you want to be.” – Sabrina Bouraoui

May we all be free to be who we were born to be, without pretense, apology, denial, hiding or shame.

Who’s coming with me next time?

Want to book a Group Permission Sessions Workshop in your city?  Contact me here.
Minimum 6 participants required for Permission Session Workshops.  Private VIP Permission Sessions via skype are also available here.

With gratitude for the opportunity to serve you.

xo Krista

Big thanks to Lisa Meta Griff who faithfully hung in with me through the logistics to get the first Permission Retreat off the ground.

Oodles of gratitude for my sister Karla Kujat, who hosted our group at the luxurious Casa La Villita where the gracious staff pampered us daily. They made us laugh and feel like queens with their warm attention and delicious meals.

The beauty and luxury of the villa with ocean views, the outdoor living space, the labyrinth, the private workshop room, and the endless magical nooks for comfort and rejuvenation made it our perfect oasis for this time and for always. Thank you Karla.

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