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Today I surrender.

Do you know the feeling of needing to do more, to the point of butchering your original desire & inspiration?

If yes, I feel you.

I’ve struggled insanely with perfectionism for too much of my life.

It’s stifled my creativity, it’s stopped me from speaking up, and it’s stopped me from being able to let go of control… and drop into orgasm.

If you’ve suffered from perfectionism, you know, as I know, that it’s the ultimate self-sabotaging device.

It makes you believe you need to work harder, do more, cover all bases, to have several backup plans, to orchestrate several support systems to run smoothly. It exhausts you, and your efforts never match your anticipated result. Which leaves you wanting to give up.
Abandon ship. Sabotage.

Please lean in, I need to tell you something.

There’s a very tender, soft, vulnerable, palpable beauty inside of you. Unconscious armors built up around your internal beauty when you perfect, and they are aching to be released.

I know you know you this. Perfecting to avoid unpleasant rejection becomes a resident in your own mind, and it’s as familiar as your own voice.

We perfect to protect.

You may have thought of how your perfectionism is an inconvenient annoyance when things take you 4 times as long as they actually need to. And perhaps frustrated that things take so long, you lose your motivation to do anything at all but…

Have you ever considered how perfectionism keeps you away from deeper love?

Have you considered how perfectionism keeps you from effortless ecstasy?

Please write this down. It’s important.

[bctt tweet=”Surrendering is the courage to just show up and be.”]

Surrendering brings you closer to yourself.

The self that is raw, opened up and not knowing.

When desire is on fire, passionate perfectionists put energy into doing more.
But if you just surrender, you get closer to what your heart truly needs.

Surrendering opens up your body to express and receive love, affection and pleasure just as you are.

That means more ecstasy and ease in orgasm.

Without surrendering the belief that your worth is dependent on what you do and how, your body is strung out, feeling it always needs to do more, before it’s safe to ‘just be.’

The truth is, until the core belief “I’m not enough” is healed, you won’t be able to feel your soft, tender, sacred, vulnerable, open beauty in the presence of someone else. You’re missing out on intimacy.

Surrendering heals this belief.

Surrendering is admitting to the armors and crutches that keep deeper love at bay. It’s being able to deliberately lay down the exhaustion of “not enough.” Surrender is having the courage to just be soft, tender, and vulnerable. That’s the liberator.  

But beware of the lurking sabotager of surrender!

Please don’t mistake surrendering with giving up.

Giving up is saying this is just the way things are. I’ve put all my energy in, I’ve spent all of my effort on it, and I still didn’t measure up to my expectation, so I’m not going to try anymore, or try any harder. That’s the sabotager.

It’s Time.

Don’t sell yourself short with Perfectionism.

Surrender it, and feel love pump through your body with great self-acceptance.

You’re already full of love and beauty. There’s nothing more to do.

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2 Comments on How To Find Sexual Surrender Through Perfectionism

  1. Michelle
    September 29, 2015 at 4:25 pm (6 years ago)

    Well said. Let go of perfectionism, surrender to not knowing, be soft and vulnerable, while never letting go of your vision.

    • Krista Kujat
      September 29, 2015 at 5:54 pm (6 years ago)

      Thanks for visiting Michelle, I so appreciate your comment. Surrendering to ‘not knowing’ especially while still keeping the door open to possibility in the greater vision…. is such a courageous vulnerability.