IMG_6130Squeezing out my essence onto a vision board for this blog… Identity sometimes feels solid and then suddenly unreal or ridiculous… I’ve been an actor, a lingerie designer, a landlady, an environmental advisor, a massage therapist, a poker club waitress, a real estate addict, a sensual meditation advocate, a middle child, a daughter, a sister, a lover, a wife, an ex-wife, but this blog is going to be just straight up ME. Just my voice in the world; how freeing… and terrifying, to not hide behind the importance of an identity!! All in the name of great pleasure, passion, beauty, love and happiness; of being raw, being real while siphoning from the well of beauty from the inside out. Who are you? Without your identity? Your roles? Your credits? Your accolades and achievements?

Who are you really? How do you tap into that? And how do you express it?

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