RosePetalsPhoto by Candace Smith

Thank you, Body—for your soft lusciousness, for your fullest expression of all and everything or nothing at all, for pulsing through pain and pleasure, for seasoning me with every crevice of truth, for urging brilliance to peek through dark tunnels of my brain, for being my friend & my eternal companion, for your undying devotion to letting me feel alive, for sweating, for crying, for laughing, for rejoicing, for holding my soul, for letting my soul breathe through you when there are no words or reasons, for letting me drop deep within or explode with ferocity, for always indulging me with the lusty chambers of desire, for being the cushion of my pains, for being the custodian of my heart, for being my most wise informant and private eye; for being succulent, insatiable; for always thirsting for breath; for being absorbent, even when my thoughts are cruel; for being a deeply reliant ally in my dreams, for giving me the delight of drinking pleasure through your pores… Thank you.

What did you thank your body for today?

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