“Beauty is in the transitions.” My tango teacher said this to me when I couldn’t sense whether he was leading me forward or back. In fact, it was a long pregnant move forward that he was giving me space for. Once again, I love what tango teaches me about life.

Beauty is born from the moments when we don’t know what’s next… when we need to listen so sensitively… when we need to move so slowly and gently or we’ll be thrown off balance completely. The transition requires our complete and entire attention… like getting to know a new lover through their embrace before a kiss. And the same is true when we move through any unknown and don’t know what’s on the other side, we need to treat ourselves equally sensitively.

In between moving forward and being suspended in limbo, listen deliberately. Move slowly.

Notice every small surrender along the way and follow the law of gravity with slow, astute attention.

[bctt tweet=”True Beauty is felt, not seen, spoken or instructed.”]

© Krista Kujat

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