What’s the best way to dissolve ambiguity and anxiety around sex for the long term?


And what’s the best way to gain clarity?


With so much information whirling on the internet, it’s easy to get confused about what meditation really is…

Focusing on balls of light to dissolve negativity? Sitting with an idea and contemplating it? Listening to a voice guide you to visualize the lover of your dreams or buckets of money? Singing mantras? Praying to something or someone and hoping our prayers come true?

While each version of meditation has benefits, the purpose of all meditation in its pure form, is training the mind to observe without judgment.

When it comes to freeing our sensuality and being fully expressed sexually, training our minds to stay focused on sensation without judgment is key. Since fears which come up around sex can be deeply embedded in our psyche – fear around being slutty – fear around being inexperienced – fear of being immoral – fear of going against religious beliefs – fear of going against family values – fear around getting hurt or violated – fear around being emotionally abandoned – fear of betrayal – we need to harness our focus to ride through the fear and follow the thread of pure sensations. Those fears are embedded in our nervous system and connected to the base of all nerves in our sex center, so observing our sensations without judgment is essential to free our bodies towards ecstasy. Observing sensation without judgment allows us to feel safe and grounded as much as it allows us to feel freely aroused.

Especially when it comes to intimacy, we need to know what we need ourselves first, before we can express our needs to our partners. Once we know what makes us feel safe and grounded physically, we can express it to our partners. Likewise, when we know what we need to feel aroused and turned on, we can communicate more freely with our partners.

If you’re looking to jumpstart your meditation practice to get you into observation mode, I challenge you to practice the 10-minute sensation meditation for 21 days!

I truly believe the best gift we can every give to another human is our presence, and the best gift we can give to ourselves is cultivating that presence! Enjoy giving and getting 🙂 !