To all the women in the world who want to feel free.

You. Yes, you.

The one with your heart beating.

The one full of desire to feel freedom and love in every cell of your body.

You. With your arms open wide to the sky.

You. Beating your fists on the ground.

You, who knows there is more than what you know already.

You, who wants to feel your vitality with unquestionable knowing.

You, who has done everything and still, you feel a fire.

Burning and yearning from deep within.

You, who is running.

Sometimes towards something and sometimes away from something.

It’s Time for You to feel, know and claim your truth.

It’s time for you to be heard and seen through every cell of your body.  

It’s time for you to feel your vital life force the way you want to feel it in your skin.

It’s Time to remember who you are.

You know.

There’s more to being all that you are.

There’s more underneath your great pains, and your great loves.

There’s more to why you are here.

It’s Time to dig up your treasures.

To give fire and passion to your voice and body.

It’s Time.

For you to step into the magic spot.

It’s time to give yourself Permission.

To Trust in the most important person in the world.


The world needs you.

To move mountains with your life force.

Come now.

Come closer.

Enter this sacred vessel, safe to hold your deepest hurts, and your burning love.

Incubate in the embrace your deepest desires, and lead yourself to walk freely and lightly



 Untouchable magic.

Unraveled, raw, rapturous and ravenous.

Alive to the constant tingling that percolates beneath the surface of your skin.

Open to receive the constant motion of what touches you.

We need your beauty,

For the world to be a better place.

Come join me in making the world a better place.

Give yourself the gift of giving yourself permission to be you.