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My greatest challenge with any kind of pain has been my relationship with myself.

At long last, I’ve realized for real, not in some hypothetical, New Age, aspirational way, but in the raw way, having lived it through my flesh and blood, that my most intimate relationships are only a reflection of the relationship I have with myself.

I realized that if I was always afraid of getting hurt, not even the most devoted man could give me what I desired because I was too busy avoiding pain instead of following my desires.

In my marriage, when I had decided to have children, my body completely shut down. This ended up being one of the most important turning points of my life. I learned I had been living an idea of what I thought I was supposed to do and be. But my body couldn’t lie. It pushed me to find who I really was.

While on the outside it may have appeared that I had it all together and, some would say, could have any man I wanted, after my divorce, I was well aware that until I fully healed my fear of getting hurt, I’d never experience intimacy in a relationship while feeling totally whole and totally free.

I wanted freedom, joy and pleasure that I never gave myself permission for. All of my energy had been focused on working hard to make things work, because “working hard” gave me a false sense of security when I didn’t have security inside of myself. I realized I had continually compromised my true desires and I was left feeling spent, exhausted and frustrated. I had chosen a relationship because I was afraid no one else would love me, and I was afraid of being alone. The ultimate self-betrayal.

I realized my relationships could only be as fulfilling as I was able to be truthful with myself.

And so I became devoted to re-learn how to trust myself and my body.

No more self-destruction. 

I was devoted to healing the hurts that fed my fears, not just through my mind, but through my body. I physically stomped every ounce of distraught despair out of my body. I threw-up my shame and unfurled anxiety. I prayed. I quarantined myself in silent meditations.

And now I’ve come to understand the extraordinary relationship between my sexual expression, my emotions, and, most importantly, my capacity to love and be loved with an utterly unbreakable spirit.

At last, through active meditations and sensual movement, I learned to reclaim my true sexual desires and release repressed emotions. I learned to move all of the emotions of grief that kept me trapped with self-doubt into an endless well of inner beauty.

When I could truly see myself, I felt overflowing gratitude. Not the list-making kind of gratitude, but a weeping, humbling, holy shit kind of gratitude that made my heart soften all the layers of protection I had around love and being loved. And the key to seeing it and being it was releasing all the sexual tension and repression that I’d held in my body for years. about2
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So now I’m on a mission to empower women who feel incomplete to reclaim their relationship to themselves to feel SEXY, FREE and CONFIDENT.

To make choices with clarity and confidence, so that they can ignite their relationship with themselves and create meaningful and intimate connections.

As a result of knowing what feels right and true in your body, you’ll open to new heights of love, freedom and intimacy.

The result of feeling sexy, free and confident is quite simply, happiness. And I want that for you!

It all comes back to TRUST.

How do you trust in yourself?

And how do you tust in others?

And how do you navigate unknown outcomes?

Above all, how do you activate trust when you’re scared shitless?

I invite you to trust yourself and take a leap of faith (even if you’ve been taught to prepare for the worst).

Find out how protecting yourself may be holding you back from the love and intimacy you desire, and how unconscious blocks in your body may be the last frontier towards freedom.

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Join my 6 Day Sacred Sexy Course: A 6-day odyssey to breaking through your pleasure ceiling and cap on deservingness.

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Krista Kujat is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, and passionate evangelist for women’s desires, pleasure and healing. Through workshops, speaking engagements and writing, Krista offers deep shifts in perspective on sensuality and sexuality, while inspiring women to empower themselves with pleasure and to free their fullest, true self-expression.

Krista Kujat is the Founder and Creator of Permission by Krista Kujat.

Permission by Krista Kujat includes: Permission Sessions, Sacred Sexy Permission (6-Day Course), the Permission Retreat, Permission Intimacy Profiles and Permission Lingerie.

Permission Sessions are live workshops and VIP Permission Sessions are live one-on-one sessions that integrate sensual intuitive movement, music, meditation, and self-inquiry via listening to your body. Krista works with women who feel shutdown in their bodies, and helps them to master self-love and trust, by guiding them to their body’s unique blueprint so they feel confident in their skin, and are empowered to ask for what they desire. This results in more spontaneous, frequent, satisfying, and expressive sex, as well as feeling emotionally fulfilled with deeper intimacy.

Sacred Sexy Permission is a 6-day online self-study course designed to support women to create a daily self-care practice focused on healing and celebration through pleasure. One 30-minute assignment is delivered via email every day for 6 consecutive days, while participating with an online community of like-hearted women who are equally on a mission to feeling whole, confident, sexy, and free.

The Permission Retreat is an exclusive luxury experience designed to awaken your senses through sensual movement, dance, breath work, meditation, luscious foods, nature, and other specially curated experiences. With a unique blend of inner work and sensory experiences, women are empowered by the freedom of deep healing and pleasure in an exotic location over the period of several days.

Permission Intimacy Profiles outline a woman’s nature when it comes to emotional and sensual expression and provide detailed recommendations related to the six Pillars of Intimacy: Desire, Receiving, Truth, Letting Go, Trust, and Love. The detailed, 8-page profile offers tangible and practical ways to achieve deep intimacy and satisfying sex in relation to your personal nature.

Permission Lingerie is designed to awaken a woman’s innate nature to experience pleasure through an exploration of her senses. An original blend of luxurious silk velvet, chiffon and charmeuse allows women to experience beauty from the inside out, with the permission to feel and be felt, in every fold of femininity. This custom-made lingerie is lovingly designed for women to shift from asking themselves “What makes me desirable to others?” to “What makes me desirable to myself?”

“I believe that true beauty is not about ‘how we look’ it’s about how much permission we can give ourselves, for our soul to bubble to the surface, and to let our fears, hopes, desires, and fierce faith be expressed and grounded in our primal sensual nature, the part of us that feels most alive.” 

Krista draws on her experiential immersion into body intelligence from Gestalt Therapy, Somatic Therapy, Family Constellation, Biodynamic Breath Work, Path of Love, Dalian Method, Vipassana Meditation, Osho Active Meditations, Bio Energetics, Hoffman Process, Spinal Network Analysis, Tantra, Thai massage therapy, and from movement classes with S Factor, Yoga, Djoniba Dance & Drum, Mark Morris NY, The Tango Company, and 5Rhythms. Krista is a Certified Somatic Experiencing Trauma Release practitioner (SE), Certified Reiki Practitioner, Certified Thai Massage Practitioner and a Certified Femme! facilitator ( She’s been published in Sensheant Magazine, and recently spoke at FemTalks in Berkeley.

Krista lives on a hilltop hamlet in Marin County, California, and she frequently travels to NYC to give her 100-year-old brownstone some TLC. When she’s not blogging, or working on creating workshops & retreats, you’ll find her dancing in the local tango scene or writing poetry in cafes.

Krista has lived in Calgary, Victoria, Switzerland, France, and New York. She’s a world traveler, survivor of typhoid fever, a lover of music, winner of a Silver Medal in Royal Conservatory for piano, producer of independent film & an off-Broadway play, and is the lead designer for Permission Lingerie. As an actress, her favorite film roles were in Conventioneers, winner of the Independent Spirit Award, and Not Intent on Arriving, filmed in Peru and Bolivia. Krista has a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science & Geography, and studied acting at HB Studios in NYC. Examples of philanthropic contributions include: Malala Fund, OneCircle, Yazda, Sea of Solidarity, 826 Valencia, WriteGirl, NotForSaleMaitiNepalCourageous Girls, The Compassion Collective.
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6 Comments on ABOUT

  1. Susan Massitti
    May 18, 2015 at 9:55 pm (9 years ago)

    HI Krista

    Fun to read what you are up to.

    Hope you are well


    • Krista Kujat
      June 3, 2015 at 4:57 pm (9 years ago)

      Thanks for visiting Susan! Hope all’s well with you too xo

  2. Joy
    January 4, 2016 at 2:35 am (8 years ago)

    Hi, will you be doing permission sessions this year in Los Angeles? I hope so, thank you.

    • Krista Kujat
      January 4, 2016 at 3:34 am (8 years ago)

      Hi Joy,
      Wonderful to read your note. I don’t have a date set for LA, but I’ll keep you posted via my newsletter. Or if you have a group of ladies in mind who’d you’d like gather for a workshop, I can curate the permission sessions in LA especially for your group (a minimum of 5 women),for a date that works for both of us. Feel free to email me directly if that interests you: [email protected]. Thanks for getting in touch!

  3. colored cigarettes
    March 13, 2016 at 6:54 am (8 years ago)

    Finally, an issue that I am passionate about. I have looked for information of this caliber for the last several hours. Your site is greatly appreciated.

    • Krista Kujat
      March 22, 2016 at 3:41 am (8 years ago)

      Thank you for stopping by. Glad you found my site 🙂


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